Our 3rd birthday on the Upper West Side is coming up!
Complimentary glass of prosecco all weekend from
September 5th - 7th !

Island Burgers and Shakes
Home of the Chicken Churasco

Chicken Churrasco, a grilled chicken breast sandwich has become a favorite. We make them over 30 different ways using only the freshest produce, homemade sauces, and six different kinds of locally baked breads.

Our Burgers!
We start with over a half-pound of the freshest, specially-blended prime beef. 64 variations of a char-broiled burger grilled to your desired temperature. We will give you “real” rare- cool red center. We will then serve it to you with your choice of seven kinds of great cheeses,the city’s best tomatoes and produce, and six different locally-baked breads.